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Nut Connoisseurs

About US

Like the pesky weevil, we are nut, fruit, and fungi enthusiasts focused on propagating, disseminating, and documenting characteristics of noteworthy cultivars. Here you will find documentation of cultivar characteristics, information, and shopping opportunities.

Located in the Appalachain hills of Southeastern Ohio, where there is little flat land to plant conventinal crops, and exhausted by the heavy labor and input demands of conventional agriculture, we gravitate towards low maintenance perennial crops.

We are advocates of clonal propagation; rooted cuttings, layering, grafting, and tissue culture as these are the only means of propagation that guarantees the fidelity of the resulting fruit to the parent plant. Clonal propagation is more laborious and lower yield than seedling propagation, but consistency of fruiting is paramount. Clonal propagation also yields physiologically mature vegetative growth, which provides earlier fruiting than seedling propagation. All plants offered for sale are clonally propagated. We are actively propagating most varieties listed on the site and many more additional varieties. Cuttings and scion of these cultivars are available.