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Dermis Hazelnut

'Dermis' is a Grimo selection. It is a ‘Skinner’ seedling. Mr. Skinner was a Manitoba breeder crossing his native American hazel with European or European hybrids. One selected tree was named for him. 'Dermis' is a very productive tree with good blight resistance, but is bud mite susceptible. The nuts are medium size, well filled and nearly round with a slightly harder shell than our other selections. It is a larger wide spreading tree unlike its parent or other ‘northern’ hazels. The nuts begin dropping in mid-October. The alleles are 12 and 16 and will cross with everything. The nut is medium size, slightly oval, and yields about 40% kernel. Grimo found it to be very productive. In a survey over a 5 year period, it has averaged 6.35 kg or 14 pounds per year. Planted at 19' x 16' it would average 2000 pounds per acre.

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