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Northern Blais Hazelnut

'Northern Blais' is is likely an Asian/Quebec source tree, planted in the Grimo test orchard in 2012. It was the best seedling sold to Jacques Blais in Joly, Quebec, zone 4b. The medium size tree had a good crop every year even though it was affected by bud mite. It has good filbert blight resistance. The nuts are medium size, round and well filled, dropping in late August to early September. In research trials in Wisconsin and Minnesota, it was selected as an outstanding tree for hardiness, production and blight resistance. Northern Blais is a late season pollinizer. Male catkins should be hardy for zones 4-8. The alleles are 8 and 25. In Midwest joint performance trials 'Northern Blais' showed good establishment and production after 3 years on silt loam soils. Yield in year three averaged 1412 g per bush.