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Marion Hazelnut

'Marion' is a Grimo selection. It is a medium size, Saskatchewan source tree, planted in 2001. The parent tree of the Saskatchewan trees was a hybrid cross of a Saskatchewan American hazel (zone 3) x European hybrid (zone 6). The Saskatchewan source trees are all from this cross. 'Marion' has good blight resistance. It is bud mite susceptible but still produces good crops. The nuts are medium size, round with good nut filling. Nuts begin dropping late August to early September. 'Marion' has alleles 14 and 25 with 14 expressed in the pollen. It has a long female receptive period to ensure a crop. It is a late season pollinizer. Male catkins should be hardy for zones 4-8. In Midwest joint performance trials 'Marion' showed good establishment and production after 3 years on silt loam soils. Yield in year three averaged 612g per bush.